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GCS Field Research Service Intelligence latest brand, GCS Field Research is an industry leader in outsourced compliance solutions. We are currently seeking professional men and women to join our rapidly growing team of independent contractors.

What is an independent auditor?

Independent auditors are contracted by GCS Field Research to help fulfill a number of compliance and procedural audits across North America.

Contractors have the freedom to choose their own schedule and work flow, and can accept or decline assignments at their need.

Inspections typically take between 30 minutes to three hours to complete. Auditors can choose to take on jobs for supplemental income or as a full-time career.

Our primary areas of work include:

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Important Notice of Potential Scam

In the past few weeks, a group of individuals has been falsely using the GCS brand identity to contact shoppers and contractors and request they deposit fake cheques or money orders. Please note this is a scam and not at all related to GCS Field Research.

If someone posing as a representative of our company ever contacts you with a request to cash checks or money orders, please call your Territory Manager immediately.

If you have already received checks or money orders from a scammer, you can report it to the National Consumers League at via the online complaint form. In addition, you can report scams for further investigation to the Federal Trade Commission by clicking here: Federal Trade Commission.